To the Future, Ben Franklin

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Warriors in Winter


Narwhal on a Sunny Night


Learning From Heroes

Publication date

July 9, 2019

Time setting

The 1700s

Place setting

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Internal chronology

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To the Future, Ben Franklin is the 59th book in the Magic Tree House Series.


When the magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie back to meet Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, they're not sure what their mission is. But Ben has a mission of his own. Intrigued by Jack and Annie, he's curious to learn more about where they came from, and very curious about their tree house.


  1. No Joke
  2. Old Philadelphia
  3. An Important Paper
  4. "How Strange..."
  5. Lightning Rod Ben
  6. Under the Mulberry Tree
  7. Now's the Time
  8. Run for Your Lives!
  9. A Good Idea
  10. We the People 

Notes on time and place settings

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