Summer of the Sea Serpent

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Haunted Castle on Hallow's Eve


Winter of the Ice Wizard


Quest to Save Camelot

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March 9, 2004

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Summer of the Sea Serpent is the thirty-first installment to the Magic Tree House series and the third of the Merlin Missions. During this mission, Jack and Annie meet Teddy's friend Kathleen who later helps them regularly on adventures and is a possible love interest for Jack.


Jack and Annie travel in their magic tree house to the land of the mystical selkies to seek a magical sword for Merlin.


  1. Summer Solstice
  2. The Water Knight
  3. Cave of the Spider Queen
  4. Web Walk
  5. Barrh! Barrh! 
  6. The Selkie
  7. Cove of the Stormy Coast
  8. Cloak of the Old Gray Ghost
  9. The Sword of Light
  10. The Ancient Question
  11. Sword and Rhyme
  12. The Isle of Avalon

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