The Raven King was originally a being from the Otherworld who as a boy wanted to be a bird so he could fly so he stole a spell from the Ice Wizard of Winter to transform himself into a raven. However, he didn't have the power to cast the spell correctly so the spell only made him half-raven and half-man and he became known as the Raven King, ruling all the ravens in Camelot. He eventually stole the Diamond of Destiny causing the duke who cared for it, his family and all his people to turn invisible. Merlin the Magician responded by sending Jack, Annie and Teddy on Halloween to retrieve the diamond. By turning into ravens themselves, they were able to retrieve the diamond. However, while Jack and Annie escaped, the Raven King captured Teddy. Traveling to the duke's castle, the Raven King and his army confronted Jack and Annie, but one raven, Rok, refused to attack because of their previous kindness to him. Before the Raven King could hurt Rok, Jack managed to cast a spell using an enchanted hazel twig to turn the Raven King into a baby raven, defeating him. Jack explained that despite the Raven King being their enemy, he felt sorry for him and this way he could live his whole life as a raven. With the Raven King defeated, Rok took command of his flock and they flew away with the now-baby Raven King.

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