Queen Hutepi is a character in Mummies in the Morning. She was Queen of the Nile (wife of the Pharaoh) in life, and she probably lived during the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. After she died, however, her brother hid the Book of the Dead so she couldn't make it to the afterlife. Her ghost haunted her pyramid for 1,000 years, until she met Jack and Annie during the Third Intermediate Period. They helped her find the Book of the Dead so she could pass on to the afterlife.

There is no known Egyptian Queen called Hutepi, and in fact, 'Hutepi' is not an actual Egyptian name. However, her name might be a shortened form for Queen Hetepheres I, similar to how 'Tut' is a shortened form for King Tutankhamen. If she is the same person, then her father was Pharaoh Huni, last king of the Third Dynasty, and her husband was Pharaoh Sneferu, first king of the Fourth Dynasty. Her son, Khufu, went on to construct the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the wonders of the ancient world.

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