Morgan Le Fay is a major supporting character in the Magic Tree House book series.

Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay is an enchantress and the owner of the Magic Tree House. She sends Jack and Annie on missions. She resides in the realm of Camelot and is King Arthur's half-sister on their mother's side. Morgan works in magic along with Merlin, though they operate independently as well as together. Morgan, like Arthur, has piercing gray eyes. Both also have straight black hair, though Morgan's has turned white with age and stress. Morgan is the teacher of Teddy and Kathleen as well as Jack and Annie. Morgan is a motherly person, allowing Jack and Annie to have a familial bond with her. After "Christmas in Camelot," Merlin took over most of her missions, though she still appears at times. Starting in "A Big Day For Baseball," Morgan starts giving Jack and Annie missions again.


  • This version of Morgan is different from that of the Arthurian legends. While the Arthurian Morgan (also known as Morgana) is ruthless, malevolent and insanely envious of Arthur, this version is kind, sweet, benevolent and acts as a motherly figure to Jack and Annie.
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