Midnight on the Moon is the eighth installment in the Magic Tree House series.


Jack and Annie go forward in time and explore the moon.

The magic tree house lands in a space motel. The kids are curious about the building and the surrounding area. There is no one there to answer their many questions. Jack removes his moon book from his backpack. The book plus the motel’s maps and posters answers some of their questions.

Jack and Annie help each other to don space suits. They explore the moon. The moon is a colorless, barren place. There are gray rocks and craters. Dust is everywhere, but there is no breeze, so the dust remains where it lay. Jack and Annie find a moon buggy. The pair goes on a wild ride on the moon surface. Jack and Annie view the American flag left by the astronauts during their moon exploration. They meet a mysterious moon man, as well. Best of all, the children find the final item needed to break the spell on their friend, Morgan le Fay.


  1. By Moonlight
  2. Space Motel
  3. Open Sesame!
  4. Moon Rabbits
  5. Hang On!
  6. High Jump
  7. The Moon Man
  8. One Star to Another
  9. Morgan
  10. Earth Life

Notes on time and place settings

  • This is first and only adventure in which Jack and Annie visit the future.
  • The research guide explains that the moon base they stay in was built in 2032. This may actually correspond to the Lunar Outpost, which NASA plans to construct between 2024 and 2037.
  • Although the moon base is unoccupied, the research guide explains that it is still fully operational.
  • As technology accelerates, however, the base will become obsolete when antimatter engines are developed. This technology will be developed around 2067 according to some estimates.
  • Jack and Annie both spot the first American flag on the Moon, which proves that they landed in the Sea of Tranquility.
  • This adventure took place during a full moon.
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