Jack Smith


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8 (Books 1-29)
9 (Book 30)
10 (Books 31-32)
11(Books 52-55)


Annie Smith (younger sister)
Mrs. Smith (Mom)
Mr. Smith (Dad)
Aunt Gail
Uncle Michael
John (great-great-great grandfather)

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Place Setting

Frog Creek, Pennsylvania

Time setting

Summer 1992


September 29, 1983


"Oh, man!"

"I wish we could go there."

Jack Smith is the main protagonist of the book series Magic Tree House. He is the brother of Annie.

Physical Appearance

Jack has short dark brown hair and wears glasses. He normally wears a T-shirt and blue jeans and sneakers though starting in Vacation Under the Volcano Morgan's magic often changes this, though not always. He also carries a backpack that occasionally gets changed by magic into other things as well.


Jack is a bit timid and often worries about their missions and what they have to do. He likes focusing on reading about the place and taking notes. He is also very intelligent and can be courageous which often comes out in moments of need such as when he saved Teddy from the Raven King by casting a spell to turn him into a baby raven, risking his life to save a young Lakota boy from a stampede and helping rescue ten Jewish orphans from behind enemy lines during World War II. In Super Edition #1 he has learned how to drive an old truck though he lacked confidence in it due to a lack of experience and the situation. However, he performed admirably and was able to fool the Nazis into believing he was just another delivery driver despite his young age just by being confident. He also displays a growing crush on the selkie Kathleen. He is also compassionate as shown by his actions during the books such as helping free Morgan le Fay and Teddy from their spells and instead of hurting the Raven King when he defeated him, giving him what he truly wanted: a life as a raven so he could fly. Jack explained that he actually felt sorry for their foe and wanted to help and did as the Raven King now has a chance to live the life he truly wanted. When Jack and Annie have used magic, Jack has proven adept at it, using the various magical instruments given to them from the enchanted hazel twig, Teddy and Kathleen's spellbook, the Wand of Dianthus and its various forms and the mist from Avalon well and thoughtfully. Jack is very protective of his sister and can be a bit exasperated when she gets them into trouble and takes things too lightly.


Magic Tree House

1. Dinosaurs Before Dark
2. The Knight at Dawn
3. Mummies in the Morning
4. Pirates Past Noon
5. Night of the Ninjas
6. Afternoon on the Amazon
7. Sunset of the Sabertooth
8. Midnight on the Moon
9. Dolphins at Daybreak
10. Ghost Town at Sundown
11. Lions at Lunchtime
12. Polar Bears Past Bedtime
13. Vacation Under the Volcano
14. Day of the Dragon King
15. Viking Ships at Sunrise
16. Hour of the Olympics
17. Tonight on the Titanic
18. Buffalo Before Breakfast
19. Tigers at Twilight
20. Dingoes at Dinnertime
21. Civil War on Sunday
22. Revolutionary War on Wednesday
23. Twister on Tuesday
24. Earthquake in the Early Morning
25. Stage Fright on a Summer Night
26. Good Morning, Gorillas
27. Thanksgiving on Thursday
28. High Tide in Hawaii

Merlin Missions

29. Christmas in Camelot
30. Haunted Castle on Hallow's Eve
31. Summer of the Sea Serpent
32. Winter of the Ice Wizard
33. Carnival at Candlelight
34. Season of the Sandstorms
35. Night of the New Magicians
36. Blizzard of the Blue Moon
37. Dragon of the Red Dawn
38. Monday with a Mad Genius
39. Dark Day in the Deep Sea
40. Eve of the Emperor Penguin
41. Moonlight on the Magic Flute
42. A Good Night for Ghosts
43. Leprechaun in Late Winter
44. A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time
45. A Crazy Day with Cobras
46. Dogs in the Dead of Night
47. Abe Lincoln At Last
48. A Perfect Time For Pandas
49. Stallion at Starlight
50. Hurry Up Houdini!
51. High Time for Heroes
52. Soccer on Sunday
53. Shadow of the Shark
54. Balto of the Blue Dawn

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