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Tigers at Twilight


Civil War on Sunday


The Mystery of the Enchanted Dog

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March 14, 2000

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Ancient Australia

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Dingoes at Dinnertime

Dingoes at Dinnertime is the twentieth installment to the Magic Tree House series. The book is preceded by Tigers at Twilight and succeded Civil War on Sunday. It is revealed at the end of the book that the dog Jack and Annie have been helping, Teddy is actually a young boy who is training to be a sorcerer and accidentally changed himself into a dog. Morgan felt the boy needed to learn certain lessons before she would change him back which is why she sent them on the journeys with them. The boy, who tells Jack and Annie to call him Ted though they only do for the end of this book, later becomes a recurring character in the later books and one of their best friends and allies along with his selkie friend Kathleen.


The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie away to Australia, where they must save some animals from a wildfire.


  1. The Last Gift
  2. Sleepyhead
  3. Big Foot
  4. Joey
  5. Wildfire!
  6. Hand to Hand
  7. Rain, Rain, Rain
  8. The Rainbow Serpent
  9. What Boy?
  10. Dreamtime

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