Civil War on Sunday

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Dingoes at Dinnertime


Revolutionary War on Wednesday


The Mystery of Morgan's Library

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May 23, 2000

Time setting

The American Civil War

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Civil War battlefield

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Civil War on Sunday is the twenty-first installment to the Magic Tree House series. During the story, Jack and Annie help rescue a young Union drummer boy named John from the battlefield. Returning home, they learn, to their surprise and delight, that he's their great-great grandfather. The book is preceded by Dingoes at Dinnertime and succeded by Revolutionary War on Wednesday.


Jack and Annie are transported by the magic tree house to the time of the Civil War, where they meet Clara Barton.


  1. A Light in the Woods
  2. Cruel War
  3. Field Hospital
  4. Freedom Fighters
  5. Angel of the Battlefield
  6. Keep Low
  7. Helping Hands
  8. Brothers
  9. Don't Give Up
  10. Home Sweet Home

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