Blizzard of the Blue Moon

Book #



Night of the New Magicians


Dragon of the Red Dawn


Using Magic Wisely

Publication date

September 26, 2006

Time setting

1938 (during the Great Depression)

Place setting

New York City

Internal chronology

No information

Blizzard of the Blue Moon is the thirty-sixth installment to the Magic Tree House series and the eighth of the Merlin Missions.


The magic tree house carries Jack and Annie to New York City in 1938 on a mission to rescue the last unicorn.


  1. The Last Unicorn
  2. Who Are They?
  3. Lost in Central Park
  4. Hard Times
  5. The Cloisters
  6. The Hunt of the Unicorn
  7. Dianthus
  8. Back to Life
  9. It's Them!
  10. The Wand of Dianthus

Notes on time and place setting

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